Solution for easy belt tensioning without over or under tension. And it lasts.

(Garnet Hardly) #1

Solution for easy belt tensioning without over or under tension. And it lasts.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

My friends Monoprice came with one of those springs. I was kinda weary about it though as you’re allowing some spring back into the belt and when quickly changing direction it just seems like the print head could be inaccurate. I don’t have any experience personally with the spring but it just kinda seems like it would defeat the purpose of material inside the belt. Just my 2 cents. It could work great and is possibly a better way to keep things tight as the spring will compress as the belt stretches.

(Garnet Hardly) #3

The spring is pretty stiff compared to how light the hot end is, it would take a pretty impressive direction change to cause a major inaccuracy. This really just keeps the slop out and won’t show vibrations in the print from over tightness.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #4

@Garnet_Hardly I was thinking more along the lines very small inaccuracies. Depending on how stiff the spring is, it could work perfect. I wouldn’t be apposed to trying it honestly.

(ekaggrat singh kalsi) #5

congratulations on reinventing the wheel!
and fyi it will still cause ringing. just do a thingiverse search before posting things which have been done millions of times before

(Garnet Hardly) #6

It’s a spring A-hole lol🖕

(ekaggrat singh kalsi) #7

Its a repost a-hole

(Baldur Norddahl) #8

@ekaggrat_singh_kalsi if you are concerned that your belt tension mechanism causes ringing, you can add a damper.

(ekaggrat singh kalsi) #9

@Baldur_Norddahl my belts are perfectly fine… what i was pointing out is the idea of the spring is absurd and people keep re posting it!

(ThantiK) #10

You don’t want to use this. The spring will cause ringing around corners.

(Ryan Carlyle) #11

@ekaggrat_singh_kalsi people have been putting clothespin springs on printer belts for nearly a decade. Just won’t go away

(Ryan Carlyle) #12

@shauki I don’t like the clothespin springs… been trying to convince people to stop using them for years.