So what is your process for building and printing your objects?

So what is your process for building and printing your objects?

I’m currently using makerware, but see there are many more options in replicator-g as well as silic3r and kisslicer. I didn’t see any way to produce a file to put on a sdcard to print out on my rep2x.

So i’m curious what other peoples processes are, e.g., design in X product, import .stl file into slic3r, kisslier and then import the g code into replicator g or makerware and create a file to then print out on your 3d printer?

Anywho, current status i’m upgrading the stepstruder with some feed enhancements found on thingiverse, but trying to print out the parts I need i’ve had a few issues with some failed builds (not level platform, tip clogging up with abs, etc.)

design in solidworks, orient/print in repetier with slic3r. Sometimes directly over USB(start print when slicing finished option), sometimes I send to SDcard with repetier. Depends on if my computer is going to be still running or if i’m planning to go to bed before the print will be done.

Design in openscad, import stl in repetier host where I slice using slic3r and print directly through usb to marlin fw. Also using python for stl generation or input to openscad, mainly when playing with fractals.

I’ve been pretty happy with sailfish on my ToM with repg. Haven’t had any problems with it.

I’ve tried other slicers with limited success…mostly because I know where and how to turn all the knobs I need to on repg and haven’t spent the time to tune up the others.

Maker ware is ok…and has a couple nice features…but I tend to fall back to repg.

Replicator G with Skeinforge.

Design in FreeCAD and export to STL, slic3r for g-code then Printrun/Pronterface for printing.