so what does one make when you finally haz a 3d printer?

so what does one make when you finally haz a 3d printer?

another one of course! :smiley:


I want to see that in action!

Wow what the hell is that? I want to make this! where is the tutorial for this one?

@Alex_Wiebe :slight_smile: soon… needs some more work and some more programming. dont expect to much of it though! I’ll be quite happy if I manage to write my name with it :smiley:
it is more of a learning project be cause I just love those delta mechanisms and needed a little project to get better at 3d printing

@Joshua_Taylor it is mostly a little mind fart for 3d print practice but if it all works out I hope to make some 3d printed chocolate art with it . not planning on making any tutorials but when finished I will share the design :slight_smile:
(for free of course !)

@Saint_Cyberchaos well, id be happy to help if you wanted another head on this. I am open for a project and could try getting the programming for printing for this right. If so let me know if not, i look forward to a future release :).

@Joshua_Taylor well check my ‘beta’ version here: , although mildly laughable I did get it to work but servos are really no good for precision, hence the idea for a choco printer. With the 3d printed parts I have 1:2 gear ratio vs the direct servo drive in the video, that plus the fact it is all gonna be a little less wobly (there are a total of 54 actual ball-bearings in this baby ) should improve the overall performance. There is some code for arduino but its pretty basic stuff (just receives servo position data over serial) most of the work is done in blender-python, including slicing of objects. Which is cool for learning but tragically slow… so eventually having a real g-code interpreter straight in arduino would of course be much better and also add to the overall awesomeness. So do you have any g-code experience points? (I have none at the moment) what programming languages do you know? How would you approach something like this?

I don’t even think it’s entirely your servos fault, based on the picture, the gearing needs to be closer together

@Justin_Nesselrotte no dont worry they will be tight together, I just hadn’t done that when the picture was taken