So this is my 2nd shipment of 3 of filaments (1st was from canada

So this is my 2nd shipment of 3 of filaments (1st was from canada to test out the quality of a 19.99 spool of filament , which I still have yet to do, this is the “experimental” shipment, it contains laywood, laybrick, nylon 624/618, PET, flexible black and flexible white “eco” PLA. Any ideas out there for the wood or brick? I’d rather not just do a “frog” or other typical “art work piece”. I suppose printing out a sample “chip” would be the first thing I should do. Anyone else have experience using these in a makerbot 2x, or in another machine? What did you print?

Please could give me link

i picked them up from Since these are more experimental/rare the prices are considerably higher than a normal spool, but makergeeks has em in stock and took about 3-4 days to get here (in the us).

I’m not familiar with the makerbot hotend but i would doublecheck with their support before putting anything but PLA through it. I don’t think it’s made for PC/nylon

i’ve had difficulty with printing with PLA, to say the least, but I’ve gotten a few successful prints out of it, but I’m primarly printing in abs. I got these to try out. What seems to happen with PLA is that the end gets clogged and or the feed mechanism isn’t pinching enough to put more PLA through, but i’ve got a couple of extruder upgrades to try out as well, also going to try the oil trick too. With that said saddly makerbot industries does indicate that the 2x can print both PLA and ABS, they just don’t tell you how much BS you have to go through to get 1 or two prints out of the 2x with PLA before it f’s up or what you have to go through to get consistant prints with PLA. The two is geared for PLA while the 2x is geared for ABS. Once I run some tests i’ll report here. (btw i tested some weed wacker line from home depot the 1.65 mm purple line and it seems to act exactly like pla and was nylon…)

Yeah I don’t know why Makerbot has such shit extruders… The 2x at my local hackerspace always gives me a good laugh, because everytime i pass it somebody is pushing filament into it by hand because it can’t quite pull on it’s own.

If I had a Makerbot I would just rip the extruder off and switch the X carriage to standard 50mm spaced M4 holes. Then load an open source extruder that actually works.

laywood behaves like PLA (at least, that´s my experience), Its really sticky, so you should avoid an all metal hotend. I only had success using it with an jhead.

Havent tried the rest (laybrick or nylon), yet.

As for flexible filament, go slow (30mm/s top) and dont expect strings free prints.

Who’s the vendor?

I’d love to see a large geometric print done with the laybrick to see if it warps or deforms over long flat surfaces…