So my wife is getting me a printer for $1000 for christmas and my

So my wife is getting me a printer for $1000 for christmas and my ideas were a cr-10 s5 or maybe a smaller cr-10 or a rigidbot big but im not sure what one to go with. Anyone with experience with these wanna share your thoughts?

I already have access to my brothers flashforge creator pro so im wanting something bigger then that

I’d vote for the Prusa Mk3

Also needs to be on amazon

@AceOfSpadess why on Amazon only? Prusa sells through their own e-commerce site, so it’s not like it’s insecure or sketchy like Alibaba or (god forbid) Gearbest.

@_Spice because i have $1000 on amazon

Got it, didn’t understand before.

Technically the Rigidbot Big is not an option. Rigidbot has been replaced by the vastly superior ReliaBuild 3D. Of the options you mentioned I’d go for the ReliaBuild 3D Big (RBB3 Big). I have two of them and love using them. One is upgraded to the 14" tall Z height. They are totally awesome precision printers. And ReliaBuild 3D printers will be available on Amazon soon.

Here are my thoughts of what I like and my experience:

Excellent quality prints
Precision prints to within 0.075mm of tolerance (<0.003")
Layers from 2.5mm to 0.050mm.
Prints materials up to 245C melting temp
Large 16" x 12" x 10" standard build area
14" Z upgrade available
Dual head option available
Extremely customize-able and tweak-able
Very stable 24V ATX style power supply (24V, 5V, 3V and direct bed)
4E3D main board (very cool running - 80F after over 65 hrs of printing)
2oz copper full area uninterrupted main board driver heat sink
No additional board or driver cooling fans needed
Stand alone printing as a standard
USB com port for PC connection (not required to run prints)
Locking cable connections
Heated bed (Big) warms to 100C in <16 min (Everything on at once)
Direct drive compact extruder
New extruded aluminum frame
1/4 the weight and stiffer than the old steel Rigidbot frames
Vibration and noise absorbing motor and pulley mounts
5 button LCD with USB drive file reader
Tweak-able printing parameters while printing through the LCD
DAC motor power control on the fly
Awesome print and resume function
Easy to swap filament mid print
Super easy bed leveling routine.
I’ve not had to re-level for many months
Milled bed, bed carriage, and extruder carriage for maximum flatness
0.1mm - 0.2mm first layers across the entire bed
Super efficient part cooling fan cools at the nozzle tip
Capable of 15mm bridge spans with less than 0.1mm of sag
Capable of 96mm spans with less than 0.3mm of sag
Lots of 3D printable parts on line
Full video and written assembly instructions
Calibrate my filament with stock firmware settings and good to go
Start the print and leave capability (I trust to start them and go to bed)
Very quiet
Reasonably fast
Easy to maintain (Periodic Teflon lubing of the bearings and fans)
Only parts I’ve replaced are extruder PTFE tubes and nozzles (2+ yrs)
1,000 of hours of printing
These printers are my go to printers for high quality reliable prints
Excellent customer service
Manufactured in the US
A great support community

All the parts of the RBB3 are backwards adaptable to upgrade older Rigidbot Bigs and Regulars.

I know there are others on this forum that have these printers. They can confirm and add to my experience. So, people, did I forget anything?

The picture below is of a print that was done on an RB2 but it shows the capability of an RBB3.

missing/deleted image from Google+

If you can wait a week I’ll have an affiliate code for the CR10.

@John_Ecker_GeoDroidJ i have to buy it from amazon so… Does it work on amazon

No it’s on Gearbest


I feel like Gearbest links should be banned here like they are on the 3D Printing subreddit, given the infamous track record they have.

Gearbest is a joke

@AceOfSpadess I felt uneasy about them too. I have two printers from them and they have earned my respect.

@John_Ecker_GeoDroidJ You’re one of the lucky ones. According to the research I’ve done reading peoples comments about them, they have about a 3:1 failure rate for delivering their products.

I feel like they accept the payment even if they have no printers in stock

@AceOfSpadess That’s because they do. And they don’t make stock obvious enough before purchasing.

I bought my CR-10 from Gearbest. Got it within 3 weeks. I swapped the glass with mirrors from a big-box store, but everything else just works. But I had done my research and knew to wait since they do NOT ship immediately. From all I’ve read I think they really don’t stockpile much. Just manufacture the devices once they get a certain number of orders. If you want it fast and from Amazon, look at the HICTOP CR-10. Same machine, just a rebrand.

What is the purpouse of the 3D printer? When you get this answer decision will be easier. We have one with z=240mm x=160 & y=160 creative space. Is that enough for you?