So I've soldered the wires to the ESC controller.

(P Dorrington) #1

So I’ve soldered the wires to the ESC controller. I just want to check this is what I was meant to do… as I couldn’t see any obvious connectors?

(Chris P) #2

Looks similar to the one I got on my hk car

(TeamDogoman Rc) #3

Yes that’s how it goes

(Chris P) #4

Does anyone know if it’s programmable through Avr or ftdi? I want to program mine but don’t want to pay $60 in shipping for a $10 programmer, lol.

(P Dorrington) #5

Sorry Chris, I’m not sure.
Do your connectors clip on to the contacts? (ie can they come off). They look a better solution to my botched soldering

(Chris P) #6

@P_Dorrington its soldered and covered with color matching heat shrink from hobbyking. its surprisingly decent solder job for china.

(Rene Lugo) #7

Esa soldadura es fría tendrá falso contacto!