So I've been messing around with engraving and I feel like I'm jumping ahead

So I’ve been messing around with engraving and I feel like I’m jumping ahead without understanding the capabilities. From my test runs I’m guessing I cannot engrave greyscale images using LaserDraw or Coreldraw using the regular board? (since it seems to only engrave pure black areas).

Yes and no. Not pure greyscale but you can aproximate with pre processing the image by applying dithering.

Ariel is correct. You have 2 options - burned or not burned. Black & white. Dithering allows you to approximate grayscale.

If (when) you upgrade to a Smoothie controller and LaserWeb 3 software, you’ll get grayscale. The difference is that the stock controller & software can’t do variable power. For grayscale you need to be able to say “burn this pixel lightly” or “burn this pixel a lot”.

Thanks for the response guys. So anything grey is ignored with a stock controller? This seems to be what’s happening, just want to confirm.

What kind of dithering?

@J.R_Sharp ​ the video above uses Floyd, I would says a very good option

I usually at least look at each of the dithering options - Floyd does seem to be the one I generally end up with.

I know there’s other threads about the topic and I am currently looking through, but how difficult is the Smoothie upgrade? I’ve seen digital displays and stuff and I’m not too bothered about those, is it simply a case of purchasing and replacing the board / plugging it in? Or is that wishful thinking? :wink:

@Adam_J ​ depends, as anything in life there is the easy and the hard way. If you want easiest talk to @Scott_Marshall ​ he manufacturers some easy add one to make it super simple to connect the stock board to a smoothie