So is there any reason why drill rod and polymer igus bearings would be

So is there any reason why drill rod and polymer igus bearings would be a a really bad plan for a Eustathios build? I ask because I have loads of bearings and 3/8 drill rod that Im not going to use.

3/8" is about ~9.525mm. Sounds like a decent idea to me, assuming they’re straight enough. And maybe make it a bit smaller. I think they might flex too much in a large frame.

I can get 3/8 drill rod for 3$ a meter so it’s really attractive from a price point of view.

I see no issue other than lack or pulleys with the correct ID. But with a good enough printer you could make them. In fact I have thought about doing this for the sides of the Eustathios that require the double pulley for both the motor and cross belt.

Thats a good point eric. I could bore them but theres no certainty they will be on center with my lathe. The printing idea has some merit. I printed some pulleys on the Lulzbot at work and Im still shocked at how good the are. More thinking…

@Joe_Spanier unfortunately there’s no machine stock to remove. The pulley ID on a 10mm is larger than the shaft you’re using. I’d say try printed pulleys and see how it goes. If that doesn’t work bite the bullet and buy the 10mm rod.

will probably bite the bullet and go 10. rather do it once. I was thinking getting 8 or 5mm pulleys but it doesnt look like robot digg has them in 32

@Joe_Spanier nope. But @Jason_Smith uses 20 tooth on the steppers and 32tooth on the shafts with no apparently speed limitation issues.