So is the E3D hot end really as good as it sounds?

(Ben Jackson) #1

So is the E3D hot end really as good as it sounds? I currently have a Felix hot end with PEEK between the hot and cold ends. It can really take a lot of force to get some filament types to extrude.

Has anyone had any experience moving from an extruder with PEEK to the E3D?

(Aaron Leclair) #2

I have transitioned from a Darwin style hotend, to a J-head and now to an E3D (using my friends while mine is shipping). The J-head and the E3D are comparable if the J-head is dialed in, that being said the only work the E3D needed was assembly and a small round of auto PID.
My biggest concern about switching to the E3D was the weight of the hotend and heat drifting up its length, the weight is incredibly low and any heat is kept to a minimum by the fan that comes with the kit.
I have yet to have any jamming, and the incredibly small melt zone has improved my print quality. With the J-head the plastic oozes out of the nozzle while it sits at temperature, but the E3D only oozes out a small amount of material if any.

(Aaron Leclair) #3

Sorry about rambling there, I hope that at least some of what I wrote is helpful.

(David Gray) #4

I went from jhead v4 to e3d v5. IMO its night and day between the 2. I wont be going back to jhead any time soon…

(Tom Martz) #5

@Ben_Jackson We currently have three industrial customers using the E3D with nozzles drilled out to .7mm and .82mm. They are all satisfied with performance using both nylon and t-glase materials. They typically print from 20lb spools so I would definitely hear if there were jamming or other issues.

(Tim Rastall) #6

The V5 is great for ABS and nylon/pet but some folk still have Trouble with PLA. I have a beta V6 and have had no trouble with PLA due to several improvements, it’s also shorter and lighter with a very clever/simple means of securing the thermistor without using tape.
Cc’ing @Joshua_Rowley1 and @Sanjay_Mortimer

(Evan Nguyen) #7

@Tim_Rastall Is the ED3 V6 for sale to beta testers? I just bought a V5 and didn’t see anything about the V6.

(Tim Rastall) #8

@Evan_Nguyen Not to my Knowledge - I have one of only a few V6’s. I’ve been rather careful not to talk about it in the past but in the case of Ben’s question, it’s existence is relevant - the V5 is still a great HE and I personally never had any problems with PLA. I can’t comment on when the V6 will be released officially, perhaps in a few months, perhaps less.

(Brian Bland) #9

I am ready to buy hot ends. Wish the V6 was available.

(Evan Nguyen) #10

I’m exited to put my V5 into use. I’m really tempted to jump on that Kraken too.

(Ben Jackson) #11

Many thanks. All comments have been very useful. Looks like it is time for me to make the move.

I don’t suppose there is a local distributor in Australia?

(Sanjay Mortimer) #12

In my opinion the E3Dv5 is completely amazing and the 2nd most bestest hotend in the world ever. But I would say that, because I designed it! I do know of a good few felix owners who have replaced the stock hotend with ours and had positive feedback. There are mounts on thingiverse and this excellent video:

@Evan_Nguyen @Tim_Rastall We’re getting close with the v6 now, it’s not available for purchase in any form, but we have betas with quite a few people who we value for their expertise and feedback. I’m not going to give a timescale because I don’t yet have confirmation of dates from all parts of the supply chain, but we are looking at a timeframe measurable in weeks not months. Hopefully.

(Ben Jackson) #13

@Sanjay_Mortimer haha, Mine has been packed and is presumably somewhere between UK and Australia. Looking forward to it!

(Brian Bland) #14

@Sanjay_Mortimer So what in your opinion is the 1st most bestest hotend in the world?

(Tim Rastall) #15

@Sonex128 that would be the V6

(Brian Bland) #16

Oh well. Will have to get V6 later. Couldn’t resist the Kraken.

(Tim Rastall) #17

@Sonex128 Kraken and v6 share some features, they are totally different beasts though :slight_smile: