So, I'm getting ready to take the plunge into buying my first and had a really

So, I’m getting ready to take the plunge into buying my first and had a really stupid, question, If I think I want to build my second printer with prints off the first are there any major considerations I should consider? ABS or PLA? Size 6x6x6 or 8x8x8? models with delamination problems? What resolution do I need? Basically I’m asking would a printrbot Jr or makibox be sufficient, or would something larger and more versatile make more sense if a goal is to make something larger and more robust like a mendel with the first?

I apologize if this is a common question, I’ve searched through the thread, but could really find anything addressing the best first bot to print reliable components for your second bot.

Thanks for any help. Sorry for rambling. Thanks to everyone for running and/or commenting on this page, there is a ton of useful information in here for someone who wants to dive in.

Most parts tend to fit in less than 100mmx100mm build area. The makibox/printrbotjr should be more than sufficient for any parts you would need to print for a second printer.

I suggest ABS, because it’s easy to overtune a stepper motor to the point where it gets too hot for the PLA and warps/destroys the part. PLA can actually be fine for a quick stand-in, if your newly printed machine can handle ABS and you want to just reprint in ABS later. or if you’re very careful with any piece that touches a stepper motor.

Any “resolution” is fine, but resolution != layer height. I think most people use around 0.3mm layer heights when doing mechanical parts, etc.

Delamination should not be an issue unless you’ve got flow issues, incorrect Z calibration, temperatures too low, etc. As long as the first machine is tuned, your prints will be very strong.

Do you have a first machine yet? I only ask because of the phrase “would a printrbot Jr or makibox be sufficient” - makiboxes haven’t shipped yet, are you planning on ordering one? - If so, I’d go with the HT and print in ABS.

Awesome, thanks for making the decision a little less stressful.

I’m holding a contest to win a reprap pro mendel on my YouTube channel. User name geodroidjohn.

I’ll be building it while hopefuls will be submitting weekly challenge entries. Will probably ship in march.

@Justin_Hubbard even with an oversized build plate myself, i would never DREAM of printing all pieces at once. Too much potential for something to go wrong.

@Justin_Hubbard I don’t think I need to tune my printer any more than it already is. 0.1mm layer heights are no problem. I can do full build plates, but printing that much plastic at once, even if something goes wrong only 0.5% of the time, there’s still the chance that you ruin most of your build plate and have a bunch of wasted plastic.