So, I was just messing about with my 16x16 matrix, and thought, hey,

So, I was just messing about with my 16x16 matrix, and thought, hey, what about bitmaps.

How would I go about pushing sprites out to the matrix using fast led?

I’m thinking pacman cherries, donkey Kong marios and space invader type 8bit sprites.

I have written XY Matrix, Text & Sprite classes that work with FastLED. They can be found at
Also if you click on my name heading to get my profile, you can see some example videos.

Hey @Aaron_Liddiment ​​ after I posted, I hit up google again, and found one of your YouTube videos, then remembered I had tried your text class in the past. Sure enough your repo was still cloned into my libs/ but I haven’t had time to play yet. Hopefully later on this morning.

You can look at my Game Frame project. The source code is linked from the FAQ. You should be able to port it to FastLED really easily.

@Stuart_Taylor The SpriteExample4 is a Pacman animation but really needs a minimum width of 40+ leds to work correctly. It’s a good example of 8 bit style arcade sprites though.

Hi @Aaron_Liddiment ​ your pacman example is exactly where my head was at. I’ve done something similar (storing the sprites in the same way) in the past using a 3 colour (sadly not rgb) display board pushing the data out over rs232 so its more familiar to me. I’ll hopefully get some time later (I’ve been given my orders for today).

@Jeremy_Williams ​ that’s a very cool kick starter you have there, I bet you had fun* putting those together.

I’ve cloned the repo and had a quick look, and there are some interesting additions I hadn’t considered, RTC for example. I will have a deeper dive later, thank you.

  • for given definition of the word fun.

Hi @Aaron_Liddiment
I have trouble when trying your XY Matrix, Text & Sprite classes.
Arduino: 1.0.6 + Td: 1.20 (Windows 8), Board: “Arduino Uno” Using FastLED 3.1
MatrixExample1:15: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘<’ token
MatrixExample1.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
MatrixExample1:22: error: ‘leds’ was not declared in this scope
MatrixExample1.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:
MatrixExample1:52: error: ‘leds’ was not declared …
I wish you can help me through this error.
I have been with try Arduino 1.0.5 r2 several times too.

Hi @Nail_ENVY ​ you haven’t installed the library properly.

You need to add the 3 individual libraries (matrix, sprite, text) to the arduino libraries folder, not the root repo which contains all 3 together.

Thanks @Stuart_Taylor
I give it a try right now

Thanks @Aaron_Liddiment and @Stuart_Taylor
I got it working now, I am so happy !!!