So I printed this Iphone 5 case and found out that my printer is

So I printed this Iphone 5 case and found out that my printer is printing it backwards the camera hole should be on the other side and same with the cut out part for the buttons what is causing this?

Because your x (or y, depending on how it lay on the bed) axis is reversed.

Common issue, invert the X axis direction in the firmware (or flip the stepper connector) and move the end top to the other side. Assuming its mirrored about X.

I noticed I had Y backwards after my first print.

Assuming the STL was right, you probably have your X or Y axis reversed. Most likely Y.


To answer that, people might need info like what printer you have, and what software you use.

So when i printed this case the bottom would be at longest point from the end stop. The camera hole is the closest to the Y end stop does that tell you enough to figure out which motor is inverted

You didn’t mention what printer you have, but it’s likely one that moves the extruder on Y and the platform on X (mixing up the two would also cause this, as well as rotating your prints 90 degrees). Remember that the arrows for the jog controls should match the movement of the extruder with respect to the platform, not the motion of the axis. If your platform moves on one of those axes, it’s motion will be in the opposite direction of the arrows.

My Y endstop is in the front of the printer and the X is on the left side btw

But what printer is it? Which way does the platform move?

Its a mendel and i thought the platform was the Y axis

Then the platform is the Y axis, and it is reversed. It should be in the back when it is at zero.

Ok so if i go into the code and invert it and reflash it should fix the problem correct

Move your Y endstop to the back and reverse the y motor cable. No need to mess with the code.

One time fix vs fixing every model you ever try to print… I know which I’d do.

Ya i guess your right since i have it going already. Alright moving the end stop it is

@Michael_Vaughan I think he was referring to inverting the direction of the motor in firmware, which would have the same effect as reversing the motor cable. Do either of those (but obviously, not both) and re-locate the endstop.

Ah, I was thinking of going in and reversing every y movement in the gcode… I don’t have a printer that I need to look at gcode for, though, so I don’t know if that can be done with one variable or not… y = -y.

If you also did a G92 so that the zero point was at the opposite end of the platform (remember, the coordinates are absolute, not relative), and assuming the firmware isn’t set to soft-limit you to the positive area (which it probably is), that would work.

The issue is with your phone…