So I need some help.

So I need some help. Last week I noticed that my laser was cutting through 3mm ply in two passes at speed to and 10ma. It had some dead spots in it. So I got the fright idea to raise the tube thinking that I wasn’t hitting the lens sweet spot as it was hitting low on the cutting head now I got it hitting dead center in all four corners but the power just instead there I can’t even get through 3mm ply at all and I don’t know what is going on. I event replaced the tube as I thought the low power could be coming from it. And even replaced one of the lens and still very little cutting power even though the meter reads like normal

Check focal lens and mirror on laser head for smoke/moisture/damage .A real problem with the power supplies is that with out a high voltage probe that reads up to 22,000 volts how do you test the hi voltage output?