So, I have been working on by BBB and loving it.

So, I have been working on by BBB and loving it. I wrote my first device tree overlays and I’m getting more familiar with the way recent Linux kernels handle hardware peripherals. Very powerful, pretty intimidating too.

My question to the community is: what are the best sources of information on how to learn how to use the Beaglebone’s hardware? is an absolutely great resource, and is too. Then there is too, of course. But what are your preferred learning sources if you really want to become a BBB ninja?

Thanks for the mention, glad to see someone enjoying my work (hipstercircuits).
I’ve only skimmed it, but the document on device tree that several of the community members have been working on also looks like a very good resource:

@Andrew_Bradford Lol in an open office landscape!

@Elias_Bakken yes, your articles are very clear and full of information, they are a great help, thanks! One small thing: the “dtc” compiler that is found on most distributions and can be compiled needs to be patched to accept the “-@” switch, took me a while to solve than one…
Thanks for the links, I’ll look those up.