So I am nearly ready to "show off the beast".

So I am nearly ready to “show off the beast”. I trimmed the mirror and plywood down to a more manageable size. The print volume is still 200x200.

Then I fought for a day with adhesion issues. At one point I suspected the mirror might be bowl shaped the way the extruded PLA was looking on the bed.

Turns out the masking tape I bought is no good. I tried a second brand before returning the first one I was using. The Cantech stuff is no good - too slippery. The Painters Mate one works pretty good. (Just wished it stuck to the glass a bit better - the prints still slightly curl as the lift the tape of the bed - sigh)

Now, I’m printing a .25mm think 150x150 square and it is sticking, even and smooth!

Next up - Emmett’s Automatic Transmission demonstration gear set!

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Try the 3M Painter’s Tape, @Alex_Wiebe - adhesion to the platform is superb, and the plastic adheres to the tape surface just fine, at least for PLA.

Buildtak works

@Pat_Cummings Funny you should mention 3M - I just checked and that was the second brand I tried without success. I was almost getting more success printing on virgin glass than either the CanTech or 3M. The Painter’s Mate (with a light sanding), is sticking so well that we’re tearing it trying to remove the pieces once printed.

Currently printing a nearly 6" gear ring - looks amazing (so far).

If you use 3M blue painters tape, lightly clean it with isopropanol - it will remove any oils from your fingers and the wax coating.

I settled on liquid flue made for puzzles, on glass. These are flasks with a sponge on the head to apply the right amount of glue, and without the blobs made by glue sticks (see e.g. at the end of ).
BTW where did you get your little heatsinks for your steppers? I used 40x40 ones, but they are bulky compared to yours!

@Jeremie_Francois - the heat sinks are from either older video cards or motherboard chipsets. They didn’t help (not enough anyway) - hence the cooling fan.