So I added some things to my new Ender 3.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #1

So I added some things to my new Ender 3. Some motor dampers and LED’s! I simply inserted the LED’s into the extrusion frame though I did have to cut some of the aluminum to make the slot wider at the sides so the LED’s could fit. An $8 upgrade that seems to be well worth it. What surprised me the most was the dampers. What a difference! In the videos you can hear how the Z motor doesn’t have a damper but the x and y do. I’ll put it on eventually but I have to design a new mounting bracket in order to get the damper on there. The way it’s mounted to the frame, I can’t currently use the damper there. Luckly for me I’m a mechanical designer so I’ll just make my own bracket and laser cut it out so I can just use some extra t-nuts I have laying around to mount it on the frame with the damper. I would 3D print one but there is very limited space and idk if a thin plastic bracket would be strong enough. But when you can laser cut stainless steel for cheap, why not? Feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions. Also, I’m currently using the stock .4mm nozzel and it seems to be working great so far.

(Rafiya Adamu) #2

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