So grateful to be alive at this time

There are so many crappy things going on in this great world but on the flip side, dang its amazing as a maker to be alive today.

Just 40 years ago, home computers were an expensive luxury available only to a small segment of society.

Now we have relatively inexpensive computers that can design whatever you want at home, lasers to cut most organic materials and etch the toughest metals, cnc routers that can carve whatever you imagine, cnc plasma cutters to cut any design in sheet metals and 3d printers to make the wildest models reality.

I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be here and now.

Hope everyone has the same joy and wonder in making stuff, though being on this forum I know the answer. hua


Yeah, this came up in team chat for my side gig.

My first project on a Shapeko 3 required that I:

  • draw it up using Macromedia Freehand
  • export two separate vector versions
  • convert one vector file into a character in a font using Fontforge
  • cut that character as a V carving using F-Engrave
  • load the other file into MakerCAM
  • cut out the perimeter and so forth using MakerCAM after working out how to have both in registration