Smoothieware v2: Delta calibration, input shaping, board availability

Many years ago, I forked Smoothie and wrote a comprehensive delta calibration strategy that uses simulated annealing to calibrate the settings for the delta kinematics, and then uses a Z grid with bilinear interpolation to take out any remaining error in Z. I’m wondering if there’s anything like that (maybe based on mine or dc42’s logic) in Smoothie v2.

Next, is there any plan to add input shaping to Smoothie v2?

Finally, what is the status of the v2 boards? I can see them on RoboSprout in Kickstarter and Prime (preorder) versions. Can anyone buy the Kickstarter boards, even if they didn’t join the Kickstarter campaign?

If you would like a V2 board you can purchase the kickstarter version now. I am behind quite a bit getting going in production…expanding PnP, fixing/setting up production line and other issues.

The V2 preorder will be the final rev with different silkscreen and a slight mod to the Probe input but for the most part they are exactly the same.

I have the last of the kickstarter boards past the PnP and should be ready to ship soon. Currently, it will be a few days at least on the TMC2590 version but I have some TMC2660 version ready right now. Basically, we are shipping the remaining kickstarter boards as we sell boards. (It has been a rough couple years getting this going).

Input shaping I would like to see some work done on. My understanding is there hasn’t been any work done on it. If anyone wants to make a branch and test/verify it I don’t think it would go to waste.
I do not personally know enough about the delta code to answer the grid question but again…if it isn’t there I suspect a new branch would never be a waste (even if it isn’t used…others can learn from it).

I am producing and shipping from my location. So I will also have more control over things like custom builds of boards, building/testing expansion boards…etc.

As I said before…things are going a bit slow right now but now that I have the Kickstarter fulfillment coming to a close, plus, the PnP mods will be done soon which will double my feeders…things should really speed up.

My youtube channel has a bit more info on the work being done as well as some explanations of some of the new features.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.

Chris Cecil,