Smoothieware Pin for Laser working

Is there a way to setup a pin that would be enabled while a laser is doing a job and disabled when stopped?

I actually need this to setup a low pressure air relay to run while the laser is working. I already have a pin to enable air assist which is high pressure (30psi) but using that while engraving is not preferable and a low pressure is preferred for engraving and possibly other cases.

that’s what the laser ttl pin does.

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Does not the laser ttl pin go on and off as the laser fires? I’m looking for a pin that turns on while the job is running and off when done

TTL turns on when the laser turns on (ignoring power/acceleration).

If you want something that turns on at the beginning of a job, and off at the end, you’re just looking at using the switch module (for example M106 and M107), and setting those at the beginning and end of your gcode files, any laser gcode generator should be able to do that.

Thank you. Switch module it is for a solution

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