Smoothieware : Jogger module

Hi all,

I am Emmanuel From France.
I need joystick jogging. (for PNP I need to make manual placement fro prototype)
I saw in smoothiware doc that jogger module not more working.
is there an alternative or somebody have a version with a working jogger module?



You would need to do a bit of coding to get this going, I expect.
Are you using openpnp? I expect that’s where you’d be jogging from. Or you can use smoopy and the pendant module for it to do jogging that way.

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Hello Arthur_Wolf,

Thanks for your answer. Yes I could do some coding.
I found explanation here : jogger-dev [Smoothieware]
But like I saw jogger module not more working I dont know if these explanation are up to date…

For now I am at the begining of my PNP project. I got the mechanic and start to play with it.
The problem with OpenPNP is it is not made for prototype and I dont need PNP for small series.
I need a PNP for prototype PCB to assist me in pick and place.
I could pick component manualy, go automaticaly to the right place on the PCB and place mannualy.
When I said manualy I mean with my joystick driving my 4 axis table.
This is why I search jogging information.