Smoothieboard with LCD - Possible to use Hobby Servo?

(nmaia_SW) #1


I have a Smoothieboard 5X running with an LCD on a CoreXY 3D Printer and want to use a Hobby Servo for Z-Probing.

I just want to know if this is possible. And if the answer is positive, where/how should I make the connections.

I’ve read the “Switch” page and for connecting an Hobby Servo it’s used the 3.25 pin, but that pin is in use by the LCD.

Can you please provide me some orientation?

Thanks in advance.

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

You have the right direction with Switch. It needs any hardware-pwm capable pin, 3.25 is not the only one. Look at the end of the 3D printer guide for a list of all pins, so you can hopefully find one that is PWM capable and is free in your setup.


(nmaia_SW) #3

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for your fast reply.

Already checked the guide and found the info that you pointed.

Now I just have to get some time to check my setup.
Thank you.

(nmaia_SW) #4

Hi Arthur,

Can I connect an Hobby Servo directly to the P1.24 just like a regular End-stop switch?

The servo is an Hitec HS-55 and operates from 4.8v to 6v.

Or do I need to power it externally and just connect the Signal Pin?

Sorry if this is all too obvious :frowning:

(Arthur Wolf) #5

You definitely need to supply servos externaly and just wire the signal pin.

(nmaia_SW) #6

Will try it next weekend then.

Thanks once again Arthur.

(nmaia_SW) #7

Just letting you know that everything works as it should just like you mention.

External power to the Servo and Signal Pin to P2.4

Thanks Arthur.

(Soljah2k_SW) #8

Nmaia, have you fully completed you setup with the servo?, if so please post your config setting to utilize servo. Once I receive my BLtouch probe I’ll be looking into a similar setup as yours.