Smoothieboard 5xc with OpenBuils 2 motors in X axis

Hello, I would like to confirm if using the Smoothieboard 5xc with an Openbuilds CNC having two motors in X axis, one in X axis and one in Z axis, I need to used 4 of the drivers, because I will need a 5 axis application, so if I use two drivers for one axis I will not have enough fo the full application.

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You need one driver per motor.
If you have 2X, one Y and one Z, that’s 4 motors, so 4 drivers (for 3 axes, XYZ).

If you want to do 5axis on that machine (XYZAB), that’s two more motors, which is two more drivers, that is 4+2=6 drivers, which will require wiring one external driver (which is trivial to do).

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Thank you Arthur!