Smoothie with Viki2 Display

I have a Asteeg Board with a Viki 2 Display.
The issue i am having is reading the SD card in Viki 2 Display.
I can see root directory
selecting a folder , it then shows me no contents in folder.
if i put a gcode file in root, i can select it but it does not play.

I have put in a ticket to panucatt, they are able to reproduce the issue, and is suggesting it maybe a firmware problem.

any help or experiences?

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What is the exact name of the file, can you try formatting the SD card ? This is known to work for thousands so we need to determine what’s special about your setup.


i have reformatted the card again.

crate a directory eg: test

place tower.gcode in that directory

place card in viki2

i can see and select the directory
do not see the gcode file.

The same file works on the asteeg sd card slot no problems.

I was reading somewhere some one stated you can’t use both sd cards at same time, ie one in asteeg board, and one on viki2 display.

Is this correct? or just some confused info.

Ok so here’s the thing : external SD cards are extremely bad. They just aren’t designed to be talked to over wires, even short ones. You are supposed to talk to them over tracks on a PCB. Wires are antennas and pick up interference. This leads to corrupted data and errors. To talk over wires you need differential signals and/or error correction protocols, and SD cards can’t do any of that. If we had a choice we would remove all panels with external sd cards from the planet, they are an infinite source of trouble for users. Works fine for some, they tell everyone how awesome it is to have one, then plenty of others can’t ever get it to work reliably.

Because of this, while we did add the code to Smoothie for external SD cards, we can not *officially* support that feature. It’s just way too much trouble and user problems flooding all around. If it doesn’t work for you, we just can’t do much about it, unfortunately.

I *think* in your case it’s possible the problem is not related to interference ( it might also be ). However, the problem is that even if this is a genuine buy, because external SD cards are not officially supported, it is unlikely somebody will fix the problem.

No Probs, I understand.
Maybe they should have used a usb port there instead of sd. USB works okay over small distance…

Well now i can work around that.

Thanks again