smoothie on stripboard buttons not working

(Samit Ray_SW) #1

have a smoothie on strip board, firmware update works, attached lcd using universal adapter. Also attached 4 buttons and mapped them to click, back, up, down. Buttons are NO with pull down resistors, when pressed they get 5v. when released 0v. On applying power i get “Smoothie ready” screen, but pressing any of the buttons does not effect the screen. i want to go to the jog screen and move the axis. limit is disabled.

What needs to be done to get to jog screen with buttons.

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

Do you see the “watch” screen with the positions, temperatures etc ?

(Samit Ray_SW) #3

I ca see a screen which prints build number, then after a few seconds another screen which
T:115/000 B:121/000
X 0 Y 0 Z 0.00
100% 0:00 0% sd
Smoothie ready

i guess this is the watch screen. I dont have encoders ( marked them nc in config).
temperature, hotend , current control and endstops disabled ( just trying a simple mill setup)
click,back,up,down buttons wired and set up in config , buttons are normally low (NO with pull down)

panel.enable true # set to true to enable the panel code
panel.lcd universal_adapter # set type of panel
panel.encoder_a_pin nc # encoder pin
panel.encoder_b_pin nc # encoder pin
panel.spi_channel 0 # spi channel to use
panel.spi_cs_pin 0.16 # spi chip select
panel.click_button_pin 0.0- # click button
panel.back_button_pin 0.1- # back button
panel.up_button_pin 1.30- # up button if used
panel.down_button_pin 1.31- # down button if used

(Samit Ray_SW) #4

from message in iirc i gather that only click button work for universal panel. so attached click button on 1.30!
NO with pullup to +5v, updated config

panel.click_button_pin 1.30! # click button

applied power and checked with multimeter voltage on pin 19 drops to 0.01v but smoothie does not react.

Does smoothie also require rotary encoder?

(Wolfmanjm) #5

You must use an encoder and click button connected to the universal panel adapter, they are NOT connected to the smoothie at all.
If you want ot use up/down left/right butons instead of an encoder then you need to reprogram the universal panel adapter cone on the arduino.

(Samit Ray_SW) #6

Aha… i must surely be blind…. it is in upa.cpp right there in front of my face…

Thank you for your patience…i reckon there must have been dozens like me asking stupid questions…


(Samit Ray_SW) #7

please close this thread…i cant see any option to close thread/issue