Smoothie disconnects at low feed rate speed in pronterface

(KarloDamian_SW) #1

Hello everyone.

I have my smoothie wired and moving all my axis just fine. i have build a medium size foam cutter (1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm) so i have to tweak the config file and i have changed the max feed rate to 4000mm/min and acceleration to 500 to all axis. Im using pronterface, streaming wtih ethernet. when a run a gcode at fast feed rate speed (4000mm/min and Up) everything works fine. The problem comes when i have to cut High density foam, so I must slow down the feed rate as low as 400mm/min, then pronterface says almost almost at the beginning of the g code: ERROR Can’t write to printer (disconnected?)…After 4 write errors pronterface disconnects automatically. If i increase the feed rate gradually, the count for the 4 errors takes longer so pronterface last longer connected

Am I missing something in the config file or in pronterface???.i also have very Jittery Movement at slow speeds.

Thanks in advance!

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

What do the LEDs on the Smoothieboard do when you get an error ?

Also, can you try the same thing, but upload the file then play it, instead of streaming it ( recommended anyway ) ?


(KarloDamian_SW) #3

Thanks for the super quick answer.

I will check tonight the LED status (I have smoothie inside a custom case, i did not see the leds…).

I have read in the wiki that ethernet is better than USB, are you recommending to print via SD because its better than ethernet?

(Arthur Wolf) #4

I’m recommending to use Ethernet to print from SD :slight_smile:

Pronterface allows you to do that, as does the web interface.

(KarloDamian_SW) #5

I Have checked the leds, LED # 3 is always blinking, LED # 2 Sometimes is on, then turns off for a few seconds, LEDS 1, 4 ,3.3, VBB are always on.
I have tried with the USB and surprisingly works fine, Smoothie webinterface also works fine too. So i will follow your recommendations use Ethernet to print from SD.

I have another question: i have tried to use so far 3 different SSR , when i hit the M3 command, the input side changes from 0 to 3.2volt, but the output side never turns on, it seems that a need more voltage to command the SSR, (input side spec 3-32vdc) is there a way to apply more voltage with the GPIO pin?? can I use a small mosfet to command the SSR?