SMD Storage

I decided to start a new thread from this one since it was buried under another subject. Arduino Template PCB: storage for SMD/SMT parts - #8 by donkjr

SMD storage 2.0
I found the first version clumsy + the plastic spring was never the right size as I added/removed more reel sections.

That design evolved to this weird-looking one which features a plastic sliding tension bar.
My 3D printer is old and broken else I would have printed it.

Operation is still the same as described by:Arduino Template PCB: storage for SMD/SMT parts - #14 by freedom2000


Anything is a good thing… I spend a lot of time with my hobby room/Office. I get half of the closet, the wife gets the other half for the file cabinet and office supplies etc… Occasionally when I go looking for parts and pieces I question my sanity… I have several parts boxes with compartments that I put passive SMD strips in… What ever works for you is all good…