Sitting here trying to decide if I want to Just swap all the electronics

Sitting here trying to decide if I want to Just swap all the electronics and heated bed off my Mendel to my new machine or just buy new electronics… I’d hate to be without a printer durning the transitions, if I do swap.

Help me make a decision. Please.

New electronics, then you have 2. Twice the fun!

It looks like you have the motors. Heated bed is cheap, you can move the controller from one to the other easily enough.
Make sure you print out the new extruder.
Sorry I haven’t updated the repo in a while. Been busy with work stuff.

Did you build the second one to resolve things you didn’t like about the first one? If so, move the electronics :slight_smile: If they’re both good printers it’d be a shame to gut one for the other.

Definitely keep the old one running. When you have the new one up and running, just sell or give away the old one in case you do not need it any more.

I kept my old one running and I’m glad I did. I think your spot on about being without a printer for the transition since you will find something doesn’t work just right and then you need to move everything back to fix it.

2 is always better than one right?
either sell the first one as is , or keep it imho.
All printers are, is electronics and 500 screws, washers and bolts. Take the electronics out and you have an over priced pile of bolts.

@Stephanie_A I’ve been too busy with this work stuff too. I’ve been messing around with a few different z-axis supports something similar to bukobot, will see how they preform.

+Jon Caywood +Miguel Sánchez +Dru Jensen @Addidis_no thanks for the input. I’m going for 2 working printers and have placed reprapdiscount electronics, so should be up and running within a month or so.