Simple project using a broken set of Bluetooth headphones (Inspiration wanted)?

My old Bludio Turbine headphones have finally broken, and rather than throwing them in the trash outright I was wondering if there was a simple project that I could use them for.

There isn’t anything technically wrong with the electrical component, they’re all functioning perfectly, but the plastic band that connects them has snapped So they won’t stay on my head anymore unless I stand still. I opted to buy a new set rather than fix them as they were getting very tatty.

I’ve got the headphones, as well as access to a 10W diode laser cutter and a mid range 3D printer (PLA only, no enclosure), I’ve got solder, wires and an iron, but would rather not do anything that involves making custom boards as I’m not confident with that.

I’ve also got a Home Assistant server with Bluetooth and a couple of Google smart speakers, as well as one of those dongles that lets you convert a headphone jack on a TV\Amp into a bluetooth transmitter.

Any ideas for a simple project?

You can turn them into a stereo Bluetooth speaker. You will need to add an amplifier to power normal speakers.

How about incorporate the speaker parts into a pair of ‘glasses’ for a binaural brain trainer/mindlab kind of unit?

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