Should EA, Rockstar and the likes come up with an algorithm for  in-game assets,

(TCT + Personalize) #1

Should EA, Rockstar and the likes come up with an algorithm for #3DPrinting in-game assets, could this be an incredibly lucrative revenue stream for video games? This story certainly seems to suggest it is possible.

(Nick Parker) #2


I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

(Scott Wells) #3

As someone who works for a large video game studio and does a lot if 3d printing I will say that the needs of the former really do not (generally) suit the needs of later & it would be a separate ( and potentially expensive) development effort to make assets print ready. Most studios would most likely have to outsource that since all hands are generally focused on making the game & hitting their milestones/ship dates. Not saying it isn’t viable, but it’s not a matter of just repurposing existing assets.

(Nick Parker) #4

Game assets without normal mapping and all the other magic stuff you guys do would be entertaining @Scott_Wells . No details for you!

(Scott Wells) #5

Yeah - there would be a disappointing lack of detail (next fen consoles don’t improve this by much) and forget about clean watertight meshes :wink:

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We weren’t suggesting that this was possible now, although the scans that are captured for EA Sports games and the likes of the Last of Us are clearly high enough quality to be printed, it perhaps wouldn’t be the in-game assets but other files that have been cleaned up and made watertight like this one has. EA use much higher-tech scanning technology than any current 3D scanning bureau for the influx of “3D Selfies” are using. 3D Systems have bought Gentle Giant for this very purpose, to take digital assets from the movies and turn them into 3D printable models, there’s no reason this will not be possible in computer games, the popularity of something like Skylanders shows that children have the appetite for a digital/physical experience. Printcraft’s popularity is an example of the demand and where there is demand will come big business.