Short video - Subminiature Mouse Droid from Star Wars

I’ve been lurking for a while dreaming about investing in a 3D printer and more CNC stuff, but planning and making things too. My concept for a droid is coming together, and the little thing is so small I’m going to have to print it I think. It’s part of my bigger project, an automatic kinetic art display. By way of disclosure, I want to start getting subscribers to my YouTube channel but like any decent artist my main drive is creating things, I’ll build this machine regardless of whatever happens to my YouTube!

So this is my first post and I hope it’s of interest. It’s a moving mouse droid the size of a peanut. A spanish peanut. Here is the first video of it - just a concept explanation so far, 4 minutes:
Mouse Droid from Star Wars - YouTube - Sisyphus Crane & Rigging on YouTube, “Mouse Droid from Star Wars”

The whole kinetic art build will use cnc milling, 3D printing, laser cutting, turning, lots of hand building. I need all the feedback I can get.

Thanks in advance!

That’s pretty tiny but I can see how little things like that would really fascinate some and spark an interest. The chain and guide method looks interesting but I wonder if you can’t just 3D print an “I” beam rail or even an inverted “T” rail which would then have a little car on it with the magnet and you’d pull the car around using a servo motor with a long rod and on the bottom of the “T” rail car with the magnet you had a ring fit onto the rod.

There might be other ways to make the magnet-car go. I do like the wiggle in the track kind of like the one in Star Wars. It’s easy enough for met to make the squiggly channel. But ya, I’m thinking about easier methods…