Shauki B ​ and Mauro Manco ​ ,

@shauki ​ and @Mauro_Manco ​ , remember our discusion about 1 year ago regarding air pump cooling on delta, & how effective it is…?

Originally shared by Jeremie Francois

Cooling the 3D printed part with a latex hose and an aquarium pump. This is certainly not the best part to illustrate how well it works (laywoo flower vase), but I think I will stick with the idea. Interestingly, the pump is very quiet compared to a fan :slight_smile: I also need to spend time on polishing/packaging the mess in this printer :stuck_out_tongue:

yes remeber and as i thinking it work use but i use airpump on laser and not really silent make lot of vibration no variable speed/flow never try small unit as Jeremie.Real limit on using airp pump no possible to have variable flow. Currently as you know we have a M200 and this have one fan and are really silent …issue on this fan cost 25euro…(as spare part from zotrax) … Shauki him never use fan is no needed :stuck_out_tongue: (him never print Pla too :stuck_out_tongue: )