Sharpie Marker Colors

I color a lot of small laser cut projects with Sharpie Markers and I’m now running low on a couple of colors I use frequently that are not standard primary colors. The problem is that I’ve bought several color sets in the past and the markers are not labeled with the color. Not to mention that there are over 75 unique Sharpie colors.

To help me figure things out I found this great resource that gives all the different colors along with the colors in the different sets.


I’ve found out that some arts/craft stores carry a limited selection of individual sharpie colors so fortunately I didn’t have to buy whole sets to get the ones I needed.

Also marker cap colors are not necessarily consistent for the same color.

The one on the right is from a set and the one on the left was bought individually. Same ink color just different cap colors.


Wow, one would think that Sharpie would be aware of color definitions and at the very least make exact Pantone color defined caps so customers could count on consistency.

Is there an alternative to your needs which take serious collors and color definitions?

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One would think that the caps would be consistent. There seems to be a discrepancy between markers purchased in some sets vs individual makers which even Jenny from the link above noted for some colors.

"All the Sharpie colors have distinct caps that usually match up with one another. I did find an oddity in the Cosmic Color set. The color caps for magenta and sky do not match up. The ink color is the same. "

It may be a product of where some of the sets are being mfg.

The colors I’m using are those I’ve settled on for some products I’m making so I would like to be consistent. I could certainly vary to slightly different shades if needed and other alcohol based marker sets are certainly an option. Howerver, going with a name brand like Sharpie allows me be sure to get the same colors over and over and purchase individual colors as needed.


Good to hear it is really just a cap or two which they are dorking out on and not the actual product colors. ie you can rely on their color name=X being the same between purchases. That’s what I was getting at by going with something using Pantone defined color definitions. It’s industry standard and VERY well maintained. But ya, if Sharpie has their act mostly together, it’s a product that’s everywhere.


Wow I had no idea they had that many colors!