Share your 3D printer with everyone, make money and...

Share your 3D printer with everyone, make money and… buy a new one :wink:

Here is the 3D Hub page:

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The one big problem that i have with @3D_Hubs is that you’re always bound to the hubs in the big cities - the nearest one for me is 90km and a one-hour drive away.

@Thomas_Sanladerer It could be worse and be shipping and handling and a 1-7 day wait, I suppose. When you have to go out of your way to get somewhere, it always helps to figure out what else there is in that area that is of interest and take care of 2+ things in one trip.

@Thomas_Sanladerer I guess they are just getting started. I live in the largest city within a 1000km radius (Winnipeg) and was also surprised to not see any available - despite having a fairly decent hackerspace / prototyping space ( There are a few available 100+km away, but across the US/Canada border.

Anyway - I just registered my humble little Simple ( Not sure if it will be of use to anyone, but won’t know 'till I try - right?

It sounds like a worthy cause. Even if these people get a cut of the sales, it should be worth while. I guess I would suggest asking others to register their printers and spread the word. It would be a start to getting rid of centralized manufacturing which in my opinion is really wasteful.

@Thomas_Sanladerer @NathanielStenzel @Alex_Wiebe Hi guys! Yes, indeed we are still in our early days, started 1 year ago. We are now connecting 1 billion people to a local 3D printer within 15 miles. These numbers should improve over the next months of course. Getting people to list their printer in your area would be extremely helpful of course. Thanks for supporting our cause! Cheers