Set Temperatures default value change

Prepare->Set Temperatures

both hotend and bed default is 0
where this value is stored, how to change?

Isn’t that the temperature options in the panel module: ? Like panel.hotend_temperature etc

No it is not:

Temperature to set the hotend to when using the pre-heating menu item

Ok, if I read the source right, I think this isn’t currently modifiable with a config option. This is one very rare case where you’d need to go and modify Smoothie’s source code, I think.

If you want to attempt that, here’s the part of the code that matters to this:

Tell me if you need help.

I set temperatures very often and rotating knob from 0 to 230 is very annoying. All Marlin based printers (Prusa, Delta Wasp) have this issue.

Yes, I think this is a reasonable good idea for a new feature. Do you intend to attempt modifying the code for your personal usage? It shouldn’t be too difficult, and would be a first step towards the firmware having the feature.

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I don’t know how to do it.

If you want to attempt to do it ( it’s not as difficult as you might think ), then please follow the steps at to compile your own firmware from source. Once you manage that, tell me, and I’ll explain to you what to modify in the source code, so you can then compile that modified source code, and get the firmware to do what you want.


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Have you tried setting the pre-heating value in your on_boot.gcode file? I expect if you do that, then the menu will start at that value, which should match with what you want. Would that do what you want?

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No effect, it just preheats bed and extruder.

Pre-heating doesn’t change the default values in the panel menu? They still start at 0 even during pre-heating? Would you mind making a video so I can make sure I’m not missing something. Thanks.