Seen today on the Dutch Design Week (DDW).

(Eric Buijs) #1

Seen today on the Dutch Design Week (DDW). The 3D Rotoprinter a design from Jonas Duteloff. One rotary axis and a cylinder as starting point.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

This looks cool. No video?

(Eric Buijs) #3

@Kevin_Danger_Powers No sorry. It wasn’t working when I was there and Jonas was nowhere to be found. Luckily I just found more on the web.

‘Jonas Duteloff is exhibiting the 3D-Rotoprinter, a concept for an adapted 3D printer that makes use of a rotary axis. By including the rotary axis, Duteloff aims to empower designers who use 3D printing processes to create more stable parts in less time. Laser engravers and CNC mills already work with rotary axis. Why not for 3D printers? The most important difference is, that 3d-printing is an additive process and there’s a need for a starting point. In the case of the 3D-Rotoprinter this is a regularly 3D printed cylinder. So the user benefits of the biggest possible diversity of sizes, forms and the design of the middle hole. The rotary layer direction makes more stabile parts with less support possible which also saves printing time’

His Instagram page has a nice video:

(Jeff DeMaagd) #4

Wow. The machine looks interesting. I wonder how they generated the g code.

(Eric Buijs) #5

@Jeff_DeMaagd I think the easiest way is to ask him on his instagram page.

(Petri Timonen) #6

Varmaan hyvä laite induktio-kelojen teossa tai muussa saman tapaisessa työssä.