Seeking Advice - Controller Board for Metrology Application

Greetings - as the title says, I’m seeking suggestions for a project that requires some precision, real-time manual control and repeatability. It is basically an X/Y translation stage with no more that 6 inches of total travel (likely direct driven via leadscrew) + two rotary axes. (backlash reduction is a concern, depending on mitigation strategies)

Have been looking at Smoothieboards and their relatives, as well as developing on a LinuxCNC based solution - building custom PCB’s with MCU’s and motor driver boards is within the scope of possibility too, although not preferred. But nothing off-the-shelf that I’ve encountered so far appears obviously suited to this type of application. A key feature that would tip the scales in a certain direction is good support for positional feedback, either encoder or even camera based. The level of motion control used in PNP would be a good reference point.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!