Seeing as you guys respond pretty quickly,

Seeing as you guys respond pretty quickly, I wanna ask how well should I expect the simulator to behave with more complex programs?

I’ve made a program that’s supposed to cut out a pocket in Fusion360 using the 2D Adaptive Clearing strategy with smoothing enabled. Loading this into Chilipeppr made it look a bit weird, so I’m thinking the simulator doesn’t have capability to represent all that F360 spat out. I would like to confirm this with you guys tho.

Things I’ve noticed looking weird:

  • When moving from Zero to the start position, it doesn’t seem to move to retract height. This is probably because it issued the Z coordinate on the next line like so:
    G0 X125.07 Y73.495
  • Visually, all the lines look right (F360 decided it’s best to clear the pocket in a circular fashion to keep tool engagement constant). When running Chilipeppr’s simulator though, it doesn’t follow those lines but moves in a straight line from start to end point

Sadly the simulator never got the extra code to follow G2/G3 curves. The visualizer should interpret them correctly, but the following of the path has never been solved. If you run an airjob then you should be able to test fine.

On the G0 X125.07 Y73.495
Z10 that should interpret fine, but I’ve seen Fusion do some funky Gcode above the first lines that the visualizer may not interpret correctly like a G53.

Thanks, @jlauer . I was thinking about running an air job as well.

Regarding the move to the initial position, I moved the Z coordinate on the same line and it seems fine now. I think I’ll leave it like that just to be safe.

I’ve modified the program manually and removed an M30, not being sure if that will return the machine to zero or not. I have some screws that are clamping the stock to the table and I’m afraid it might crash in them.

Until now, the air cut is running smooth and makes me feel a lot more at ease. Strange thing though, the steppers are making “music” when the machine is running a helical bore entering the stock.

And isn’t that “music” the sweetest sound.

@jlauer Not at first when you think your machine is broken :))