Sculpfun S9 diode maintenance

Sorry for the stupid question in advance… I’m the new owner of Sculpfun S9 and after some usage found the laser isn’t clean (a lot of dust from firing).
I decided to clean it with a vacuum cleaner, and it successfully removed all this dust.
So the question is such a method dangerous/ not recommended and can destroy some components with power air flow. Or is such an approach acceptable and safe enough?
Later I found that it is recommended to clean it with alcohol, but overall still think if air flow approach is also acceptable. My assumption is that even when you clean accurately with alcohol you physically interact with the optic but when you do it with a vacuum cleaner it is just air flow interaction…

Cleaning the machine itself with a vac is totally acceptable, all the moving parts and the module heatsink/fan etc.

But do the lens itself with a soft lint-free cloth (I use a lens cloth wrapped around a cotton bud) and iso-alcohol, it won’t damage the lens, and will remove ‘sticky’ residues that the vacuum will not dislodge.

Final note; when vacuuming the fans in the machine do not ‘spin them up’ with the suction. They start acting like a generator instead of a motor and can blow fan controllers etc.

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