Sculpfun s30: on-board air assist functionality

I’ve gotten the S9 and the s30 to technically work with Meerk40t in general. But I’ve hit a stumbling block. The s30 came with an air assist pump. Upon full setup and test run, I have found that there is no physical on/off switch for the air assist. Which means it’s either activated in the software or automatically initiates with certain settings. Is there anything I can offer to help enable or build this function into meerk40t? I’m likely to buy a second air pump like I’m currently using on my S9, but not everyone will be like me, so I’d like to help figure out how to get the built in one working.

It may be hardwired to the laser enable pin, in which case you will have to da a hardware mod to kill it.

However, that would be a shitty way for sculptfun to set it up…

Hopefully they did it right and used a seperate spare gpio pin just for the assist.
In that case it is just configured into their firmware as a gpio pin and togged in gcode with m42 or similar.
Eg: it is switched on and off by the start and end gcode templates in their CAM software.
How do sculptfun turn it on/off in their examples?

By which I mean… is there anything obvious in the start/stop code that turns it on/off.

Wish I knew offhand. But I will watch a few YouTube videos abiut operating the machine and see what is stated there. I believe they rely on the user to work with LaserGRBL or Lightburn to run the machine, so hopefully its something easily translatable from there. We shall see.

If Lightburn will operate it, then I would have to be one of the M7 or M8 codes… I’m not a grbl wizard, so it’s just an observation.

Good luck