Same content - different mapping.

(Stefan Petrick) #1

Same content - different mapping.
Left side: a 256 led bended 2D setup
Right side: 32 led circular 1D setup

(Jon Burroughs) #2

The circle mapping is great!

(Daniel Garcia) #3

Nicely done!

(Stefan Petrick) #4

And very simple!
Assuming there exists already a 16x16 CRGB it is just:

void Fill_Circle() {
for(byte i = 0; i < 32; i++) {
circle[i] = leds[XY(
sin8(i8) / 16,
8) / 16)];

(Stefan Petrick) #5
(Jon Burroughs) #6

@Stefan_Petrick Still using the MSGEQ7 or have you made the change to the Teensy Audio shield?

(Stefan Petrick) #7

I am still happy with the MSGEQ7.
But I’m very curious what people will create with the audio library!

(Chris Hughes) #8

I am using the Audio libraries FFT analysis with your alpha compendium Stefan. It works well, though I only have a 10 x 10 matrix.