Salve a tutti mi occorre una mano per collegare la scheda SMOOTHIEBOARD x4 al

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Salve a tutti mi occorre una mano per collegare la scheda SMOOTHIEBOARD x4 al mio laser k40… Ho seguito diverse guide senza nessun risultato, chi mi può aiutare? Vi metto le foto dell’alimentatore e dello schema.
Hi all I need a hand to connect the SMOOTHIEBOARD x4 card to my laser k40 … I followed several guides with no results, who can help me? I put the photos of the feeder and the scheme.

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You can find info on this site see if it helps:

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Credit to Don for this photo from his blog, a great and recommended resource :slight_smile:

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@Domm434 @donkjr grazie della risposta, stavo vedendo il blog ma ci sono delle cose che mi creano confusione.
1 connettore
2=gnd ( powerin)
4= L ( pin 2.4)
secondo connettore 6 pin
g-p =conect sicurezza nc
sullo schema non viene dichiarato le connessione del secondo connettore , ed usando solo quelle dello schema postato non si accende il laser.
da notare che la mia k40 e la versione con regolazione di potenza ad lcd, non quello analogico.

thanks for the answer, I was seeing the blog but there are things that make me confused.
1 connector
1 = 24v
2 = gnd (powerin)
3 = 5v
4 = L (pin 2.4)
second 6-pin connector
g-p = conect security nc
l =?
g: =
a =?
the scheme has not been solved, but only that of the scheme is used.
the truth is my k40 and the version with power and lcd adjustment, not the analog one.

(Joseph Alexander) #5

truth be told the analog ones are better as they show actual power vs supposed power. Most are wired like so:
G:goes to one side of laser enable button.

P:goes to other side of laser enable button. this is your protect loop so any safety switches go in series.

L:goes to one side of the laser test button.

G:usually 2 wires go to this one, one to the other side of the laser test button and ground for the power level control(pot on analog machines)

IN: The power level of the laser, relative to 0-5V, with 5V being 100%. Goes to middle leg of potentiometer on analog machines.

5V: Goes to the last pin on potentiometer on analog machines

Then the controller card pulses the laser on/off using typically a MOSFET that toggles L and G on the rightmost connector. When L is grounded the laser is enabled.
Hope that helps, and I recommend installing an ammeter between the tube return and the laser psu to see actual lasing power.

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@Domm434 Excuse my ignorance in the matter … But there is a scheme of how to be made of all the connections? Because I’m afraid of doing random tests.

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@gionata_cannavo Sorry but I am not sure what exactly you need. Are you just trying to connect the smoothie to the Laser Power Supply?

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@donkjr You want to connect the card correctly with the ttl and pwm. Eliminating all the old electronics and having power managed automatically through the software I want to buy, + Lightburn