Runners Bib and Medal Display Rack

One of my wife’s coworkers is an avid race runner. She commissioned me to make her a display rack for her race bibs and medals.

Made from a piece of stained pine (1"x 3’ x 10") with custom lettering and bible verses laser engraved and cut from 1/8" baltic birch ply. Everything has a gloss lacquer finish. 56 brass L hooks (35mm) for hanging medals and another 2 to hang bibs.

Made and attached a French cleat for hanging the rack.

The holes for the L hooks were pre drilled using my drill press. To save time, and my fingertips, I started all the hooks a few turns by hand. I then chucked a small diameter eye hook into my cordless drill and used that to quickly and easily drive the hooks the rest of the way in.


Very nice! Clever idea to use the eye hook! Looks like a run away success! :wink:


Nicely done project!

Every new project deserves a new tool:

I use this for wing nuts and screw eyes…

@HalfNormal needs one of these!


Ah, cool. Got a couple of requests to make more of these display racks so I just ordered one. With the hex shank I can use my cordless screwdriver instead of the heavier drill.

I have a lot of old sockets I could just take a hacksaw to!

I do have one of these though