Runaway dog problem


I have a doggie that likes to run and play “catch me if you can”. She has run for over a mile before getting tired and letting me catch her. Instead of using a shock collar to attempt training, I have an idea but not sure how feasible it is. Any advice would be appreciated.
What I want to do is have a device that will fit on the collar that contains a small grappling hook that could be released via radio signal. I am pretty confident I can put together the radio/electronics part but I’m not so sure about the mechanical part.
Ideally it would be a rod about 1/4" diameter and 3" long with 3 spring loaded legs that would pop out when released. This would be on a 2-3’ chord that would spool out and drag behind the dog to catch in the ground and slow her down so I could catch her. Legs need to be made of metal but the rod could be plastic. I have found a tiny solenoid that could be used for the release mechanism.