Rotary, with whisperer

Help I have tried this and I’m having a problem getting the rotary to work with whisperer.
I followed these instructions, i place my laser head over the tumbler, i initialize machine because it tells me to, the laser head moves to the left of where i positioned it, and locks in place., and the rotary starts but will not move back over the tumbler. If someone could help i would so much appreciate it.

Step 1:Pls first put rotray device on table,adjust the proper height , also adjust the laser focus distance from laser head to object.

Step 2: Power off Laser machine, open the right side cover, Disconnect the cable with 4 colors(Yellow&white&Red&blue).Then connect the Rotray device here at this port!

Step 3. Open software,import files.Then click on Engrave button( )for further engraving settings.

Step 4. Move the horizontal liner rail to upside of laser machine. Then Turn on power of laser machine, and Laser head will automatically go back to origin. Then manually move the laser head to the top of object which will be engraved on. (Move left or right side by software Coreldraw)

Step 5. Position object, adjust focus distance, then click on (Engrave) will be

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I am not sure what you are describing.

My best guess based on the information I have is that you are not homing the y-axis:
When you home the laser the rotary motor will start spinning and won’t stop until the y-axis limit switch is tripped. To trip the limit switch manually push the rail to the home position. After the machine thinks it is homed you can put the rail over the rotary device for engraving.


thank you that was correct

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