Roller rotary attachment with Smoothieware

Apologies if this is well known or documented somewhere, my search skills failing me.

I have a K40 that has been upgraded to an old Azteeg x5 Mini (v1.0… I did say old) running Smoothieware edge. I have recompiled Smoothieware with support for the A axis. I know grbl is preferred but I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but I think this issue would exist regardless of the machine firmware.

I’m running Laserweb 4.0.999-138 with backend v: 4.1.000.

I’m in the process of building a roller rotary attachment but I’ve gotten myself a bit confused.

I THINK that for a roller style attachment like this I should configure Smoothieware with steps/mm for the A/delta axis, since with varying diameters of stock there is no reasonable steps/degree value.

Is there a way for Laserweb to generate A axis moves for work like this? I could swap out the Y axis for the rollers but the motors are very different so I’d have to maintain two different sets of machine configuration to swap between them, which is obviously less than ideal.

Thanks in advance for any help!


From the comments, I assume you are building a roller (wheel) type rotary rather than a chuck type.

I have a Ruida on my machine and it deals with steps/rotation… This is usually for a single turn of the motor. You then need to factor in the motor turns to roller turn.

Check if you want steps/rotation or mm/rotation. Basic idea is the same…

If you have a roller, the diameter is not needed.

The drive wheel will move the object the same as it moves the Y axes … at least that’s the theory.

Make sense?


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