Retrofit of an old MM2001 foam cutter


Here is a link to my hackaday’s project where I explain how to modify an old MM2001 foam cutter board to convert it to FluidNC GRBL

Hackaday’s project : MM2001 foam cutter retrofit

This a work in progress, stay tuned !

Currently the machine is working and is able to swallow Gcode produced by Jedicut.

Video should come soon !



And here the first “test cut” of this machine!

Hackaday’s project will be updated quite soon to explain how to use jedicut and GRBL hotwire to achieve this result.

Wow, that’s a good looking part! I’m used to CNC machines moving the cutter more quickly so at first I didn’t realize that the program was running during the video. :smiley_cat:

It’s a quiet process. The hot wire shouldn’t “touch” the foam. To tune all this you simply put the foam on the table and it must not move while cutting. Only hot radiation at low speed.