Resharing to the 3D printing group;

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Resharing to the 3D printing group; I keep forgetting to do this on my initial posts.

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Almost has a pseudo-random pipe organ sound to it.

(John Schneider) #2

I hadn’t really considered the Ultimaker that much, but after seeing the stackability of these printers (and after now reading reviews of their print performance) I’m strongly leaning in its direction.

Any idea what the lead time is from purchase to delivery?

(Andrew Plumb) #3

@John_Schneider they also do some fun things like run machines “off-grid” via battery packs.

(Andrew Plumb) #4

Really? I though that blue one I saw at Open Hardware Summit and MakerFaire NYC was a UM machine…

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To be more specific, here’s the one I remember seeing:

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No worries. It’s even better when reproducible! :slight_smile:

(John Schneider) #7

@Nils_Hitze That’s not bad at all, much better than the 4-8 week leadtimes I’ve been seeing for other printers!

(Florian Horsch (flouSH)) #8

Yep, @Andrew_Plumb , they hanged them up during MakerFaire and @Joris_van_Tubergen from Protospace got a long history wearing them battery powered as a bag. I’ve just made the concept more wearable and nerdy during Euromold with the rucksack version: