Repost: hopefully working this time:

(Darkberg Aryavis) #1

Repost: hopefully working this time:

This is the reason i got a huge delay on #qr1500 building and tuning. Some of you already know about this project. In the video, some disruptive details are presented. I am aware it’s not #qr in the video, but some of the elements ( hopefully) will be 3d printed on #qr1500 .

Your feed-back will be much appreciated.

Originally shared by Thomas Cocirta

(Karel Černohorský) #2

Excellent project! Can I print some components too?

(Darkberg Aryavis) #3

Hehe:) glad you like it. @Karel_Cernohorsky ​ and @shauki ​ we will privately talk :slight_smile: the idea is that it (is) will be customisable

(Darkberg Aryavis) #4

It’s funny how the moderators of electric vehicle groups just banned me, after presenting our project in there also… for the masses to know that there are open source alternatives… hats off…