Remote control servo

hello everyone
i’m working on a little project and i’m a bit of a noob in electronics products, and in what i need to look for…

basically i want to periodically move a small 90 deg servo motor, and i want to be able to start/end the motion remotely with an on/off switch

which components should i need to look for?
do i need a board for programming the motion or are there servos with default back-forward motion?
what components are needed for such simple remote control?
are there any other aspects that i’m missing or don’t know i need?

thanks for all the helpers

Sounds like learning with the Arduino system would be a good way to get you there.
First google “arduino servo tutorial” and then google “arduino 433mhz remote control”.


Depending on exactly what/how you are controlling and your budget will dramatically change what choices you have.

I would start by searching what is available for RC control. Control of servo’s from a remote is pretty common in that hobby space.

If you need something more custom then there are many arduino elements to construct what you need.

Would be good to know what you are trying to do with the servo motor as that will narrow what motor, sensors, controls are needed and hence the rest of the supporting parts.

What do you want the operator to do know about the servos position.

Generally you would need these are just a few of what may be needed:

  • Power source for remote and local devices: battery and/or brick
  • User interface: this could be a joystick, switch, pot …
  • Transmitter: RC transmitter, 315/433MZ radio + Arduino + joystick/pot, …
  • Receiver: 315/433 mhz radio + Arduino, RC receiver …
  • Controller: arduino or RC controller …

Here are some examples:


When you you say “remote control” you mean something wireless?