Really enjoying the laser engraver.

(Tony Schelts) #1

Really enjoying the laser engraver. I decided to try and use corel draw and designed my own pen display for 12 pens cuts through 4mm accrylic like butter coolio.

(Anthony Coafield) #2

That’s beautiful. Where did you get the plans? I’d love to make some of those. Far nice than the display stand I bought.

(Tony Schelts) #3

I created it in corel draw. The bottom row of holes were just small holes and I re drilled them with the size I wanted and at a slight angle to the pens would lean backwards. I didnt try just cuting straight holes? Do you want me to upload the plans? I live in the UK so you posted at 2.08 am my time.

(Anthony Coafield) #4

If you don’t mind posting the plans that would be great. No hurry. I’m here in Australia, so a much more civilised hour of the day!

(Tony Schelts) #5

Like I said I have never created a pen stand plan before, this was made for pens that were 10-11 mm at the top end if your creating wider pens the plans may need adjusting. If you don’t have the opportunity to do it yourself. Let me know the size and I will have a play around for you. Im at work at the moment and do all that stuff in my spare time

(Anthony Coafield) #6

Thanks Tony. Most of mine are a normal slimline pen so should fit beautifully, but if I make bigger it will be good for me to learn to tweak stuff also. I usually learn things best by tweaking before starting form scratch.

(Tony Schelts) #7

Forgot I was going Cinema when I got home will post tomorrow when I get home sorry

(Anthony Coafield) #8

Really no hurry. Enjoy the movie!